The insurgent force od American

Disrespect for the National Anthem, Suppression of Speech, Violence . . . What is going on? The Answer:

“If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die by suicide.” – Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln foreshadowed life in America today.  Through two World Wars and numerous conflicts in US history, it is evident to those who wish to destroy America that the destruction of our country can only come from a cancer metastasized from within.

In order to poison a living entity, one must create an infection.  A direct invasion into the United States from a foreign entity could never work.  In a country in which ownership of firearms is over 265 million, coupled with the greatest military force ever know to man, an enemy of the United States would be insane to invade.  But an invasion of citizens would be nearly impossible to spot until it is too late, and the division would weaken the country enough to make it collapse.

This is happening today, and when their tactics are understood the picture becomes very clear.

To form an army one must first identify those willing to fight.  This is the phase we are in today and have been for some time.  Each of these factions has a purpose and they are necessary to form the army.

The Immoral Faction

Members of this faction at the time this article was published:  The Occupy Movement, socialists, communists, Bernie Sanders’ followers, Establishment corporatists (both Republican and Democrat), and Greens.

This is the farm team and comprised of relatively nonviolent people who accept the immoral premise that what they value must be forced upon others.  Groups like Occupy Wall Street, Bernie Sanders’ followers, and Greens are mostly a nonviolent group of young people, so these organizations have vast appeal to naive idealists who can be easily influenced.  Identifying this group by those who wish to fracture America happens first because such people are dedicated and willing to act, and due to their adolescent disposition, can be easily accepted by society.

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Break the back of the two-party system and save our Republic – Join the Fair Vote Movement


If you are reading this article and believe that our electoral system allows for diversity of choice in relation to the leadership of our country, the author requests that you start by reading this article:

There is no such thing as the political left and the political right. You’ve been duped.

If upon finishing this article you believe the electoral system is fine and the political parties of our country offer a real difference in leadership – go away. You do not possess the intelligence to proceed and your opinion means nothing.

For the rest of the thinking population, I implore you to consider what follows. It is a solution to what you know in your heart to be a huge problem in our country. Whether your party includes the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists, Socialists, Objectivists, or another organization, the implementation of a fair vote process will benefit you, if you truly believe your view is the proper direction for our country.

Fight for the Fair Vote and save our Republic

How often do you feel you have truly cast a vote for a person who stands for your principles and values? When it comes to national elections, most often people say they have chosen the lesser of two evils as opposed to the candidate who squares sufficiently with his or her values. Read more

Why no top executives have been prosecuted for the financial crisis

Why no top executives were prosecuted for the financial crisis: The real answer

No top executives of major banks were prosecuted for the financial mess witnessed over the past decade because politicians and corporate banks regulated the market to protect themselves while placing the risk of investment on the shoulders of citizens and future generations.

How is this possible?  Are regulations created to protect the consumer?

The answer is no.

The housing regulations enacted over the past few decades were and still are an attempt to force the world view of a handful of politicians upon an entire industry, and in exchange for this the industry was given a means of shielding itself from the responsibility to act with reason and caution. Read more

The Perversion of Rights and the Baseball Field Trail of Blood: Steve Scalise and the Evil of James T. Hodgkinson

The Perversion of Rights and the Baseball Field Trail of Blood: Steve Scalise and the Evil of James T. Hodgkinson

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore of FlickrToday we witnessed the inevitable progression of a society engulfed in an irrational, immoral, and perverted value system.  When the morality of any society does not question a “right” to health care, a “right” to a job, a “right” to another’s property, the very meaning of rights is wholly perverted and destroyed.

This is where America is today; and why yet another self-validated leftist felt it was his right to destroy in the name of demented and deranged justice.  This morning, blood was shed in an attempt to take the lives of congressmen by an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders.

This is of no surprise to those in the Tea Party Movement who understand how Sanders’ perversion of rights could lead to such a tragedy.

The time is NOW for those who love America and the values she was founded to stand up and have the courage to face friends, family, and foes to say, “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE UNEARNED.  YOU NEVER DID AND YOU NEVER WILL.” Read more

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Today’s Anarchists

American AnarchistsWho are the real anarchist today?  Is it the Libertarians, Objectivists, independents, and liberty Republicans?  Are those who are creating the problems the same people who want to limit the power of government and eliminate any injection of political influence on all honest and voluntary interactions?  Or is it the Establishment Democrats and Republicans, as well as socialist and Greens who believe they can attain order in society by imposing regulations and rules to guide people’s decision making?

In this day and age when the meaning of words are distorted by those looking to cloak their true efforts under the guise of linguistic deceit, it is necessary to secure proper vernacular to limit confusion and secure a clear debate.  This is no less true in regard to the word anarchy.  Objective individuals who advocate for a society based upon freedom and liberty, a society unregulated by the whims of the majority or politicians, are sometimes misclassified as anarchist.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The absence of control by government is not Anarchy.  Read more

Despite Trump victory, the Tea Party could still lose

Despite Trump victory, the Tea Party could still lose

tea party protest sign stop the change to socialismMake no mistake, unless the trajectory forged by Trump over the last two years goes completely astray, every consequential policy decision made by Obama is dead.  We of the Tea Party are vindicated, we successfully won the war against our children’s future and the benefits will be seen for generations to come.

Thank you to everyone who fought through all the bitter defeats in the Tea Party.  Thank you to those who fought hard and then departed, your inspiration and momentum at the beginning kept many of us fighting for years after.  Thank you to those who did not actively participate but knew in their hearts that what they saw and what they were told were two very different things.  We could not have won without your willful encouragement and support.

The Tea Party is by no means unified for, or of course not against, Donald Trump.  As a leader in the movement from its inception, I can tell you that my choice was never Donald Trump.  But his steadfast commitment to change the direction our country was heading was by no means unnoticed.  He did not act like a politician; which at times was embarrassing, but what the Tea Party needed, what America needed, was a non-politician who loved America as much as we do, with his or her blemishes and scars. Read more

Obamacare will cause health care rationing, suffering, and untimely death

Obamacare will cause health care rationing, suffering, and untimely death

Both politicians and big business desire monopoly.  Obamacare over time, being one of the largest transfers of power from elected officials to a few select corporate entities, will narrow the field of competition among health Corporate Threat to Liberty by DonkeyHotey smcare providers to a select and politically connected few.

This is desirable by politicians because as citizens become more beholden to the state for an essential service such as health care, the more people can be controlled.  Big business equally desires this outcome because larger organizations tend to be slow to react to market changes, while smaller businesses are far more agile.  This small-business advantage is removed when a market is driven by political influence and not the will of consumers.  Such influence can only be bought and sold by those entities with vast and expendable resources.  This is the real advantage of being a large corporation, therefore such companies use this to their advantage and most politicians are more than willing to oblige.

This is obviously the intent and result of Obamacare.  According to, part of the Time Magazine network:

Based on current demographic trends alone, today’s dearth of primary care practitioners is destined to get far worse.  As a result, prices are rising, and competition is falling, as big hospital groups rush to hire all the primary care doctors they can find.  Once one or two big chains control most of the family doctors and general internists in their markets, rivals can’t find the troops to challenge them.  That’s creating oligopolies in markets across the nation.

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John McCain and Obama by Grant Stancliff

There is no such thing as the political left and the political right. You’ve been duped.

Republican Democrat Red Pill Blue Pill by Héctor GarcíaThe goal of politicians and political parties is to prey on the apathy and ignorance of the public in order to achieve its primary mission: acquiring more power and money.  In any scenario in which organizations are in competition for the attention and resources of people, it benefits those vying for such attention to ensure their audience has as few options as possible. This is true for all organizations, and political groups are no different.

If there must be competition among those who deal in power and control, limiting the field to only two groups is obviously the optimal number.

This is a benefit to political entities because the fewer the parties or teams, the more chance a particular organization has to recruit more people.  For example, consider a scenario in which there were only two baseball teams in the entire country; one from the East and another from the West.  What are the odds that those who live on the East will purchase the souvenirs, team shirts, playing cards, and the nearly infinite number products of the team on their Coast?  Quite likely close to 100%.  Maybe some people who live on the border, or those that migrate from one coast to another will not, but without question the money to be made and the fan base to amass will be much larger when the market for fans is limited to either X or Y and no other. Read more

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Regulations and politicians, not free markets, make it easier for corporations to dominate

going out of business by timetrax23 smLarge corporations do not desire free markets; in fact they desire regulated and government controlled business climates that are far easier to control solely with money.  This is evident the moment a person honestly removes the rhetoric and emotion from nearly all arguments to the contrary, by simply recognizing the facts.

Free markets mean:

·  More competition

·  Easier advancement of smaller businesses

·  Quicker declines of industry leaders

·  Zero favoritism and coercion purchasable by those with the most money to spend

Those who advocate for government regulation are fighting for those corporations that desire an ever increasingly monopolistic or oligopolistic business climate so they may impose their will upon Americans and ever increasingly over our children’s lives.

Free Markets Mean More Competition

Free markets are exactly that:  Markets absent any attempts to initiate coercion upon consumers or competitors. There are no dues, no forced joining of groups, and easy entry and exit to and from the marketplace. 

One may ask, ‘Without government regulation, who will ensure products are safe?’ Read more

Slave by Ira Gelb of flickr

Arguments to justify Obamacare are the same as those used to justify slavery

The fight against the ideology of President Obama and his flagship legislation, the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare, is waged by people with the same principles and morality as those who waged the fight against slavery in the United States decades ago.  This is evident when one considers the arguments made to justify Obamacare and those to justify slavery.

Upon examination, the two arguments are morally and ethically the same:

health care is a right by United Workers of FlickrArgument 1:  Health care, as concluded by slavery advocates to justify slavery, is a “right” . . .

The supposed moral premise of the Affordable Care Act and slavery are both predicated upon a supposed “right” to the life and property of others.

The book American Slavery explains that the concept of rights was redefined after the American Revolution; whereby the concept matured.  The idea of ‘rights’ started with the irrational consideration that rights only extended from specific liberties enjoyed by certain groups of people.  Later, the concept of rights evolved into a more matured concept–one that necessitates an understanding of the idea in which, by definition, a right cannot be a right unless it  extends to all people.  The author explains, “Although the Revolution fostered an abstracted sense of Rights – specific ‘liberties,’ enjoyed by specific groups, became a generalized ‘liberty’ belonging to all – many Southerners continued to use the term in the older sense.”

This is to say, prior to the American Revolution, to outlaw slavery would be to remove the slave owners’ right to own slaves and therefore a violation of their liberty.  The American experiment recognized the logical error in this reasoning over time and evolved the understanding of rights to the reality that the only way a right can truly exist, it must be applicable to all people and applied to everyone in the same way. Read more