What can I do to fight back against the cronyism of the corporatists leading America today?

It is not too late.
You can fight back.

912 Croud

The opportunity to sit back and hope that America returns to the principles it was founded are over.  Without a groundswell of opposition, the country and world we knew as young people is over for our children and grandchildren.  The progression from a few socialized services in which capitalism could support and continue to prosper; followed by ‘relief’ then ‘entitlements’ and finally with ‘Obamacare’ . . . the era of capitalism in America is destroyed.  We must proactively work to bring it back.

What can you do?

  1. Talk about corporatism to everyone when speaking about relevant problems in America today.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  – Albert Einstein

Concepts drive perception and perception drives decision making. 

Most of the powerful in America today are using the media, government coercion, and corporate money to shape the concepts Americans consume every day.  The concept of corporatism is never debated or considered because such a concept would change the perceptions of those who vote and truly wield the real power in America:  The US citizen.

Yet evidence of corporatism exists in nearly every facet of US governance; from local municipalities, state governments, and of course the Federal government:

Obamacare is NOT about health care, it is about setting the precedent that corporations can legally use the taxing power of government to force American citizens to buy their products and services.

Bailouts for business ‘too big to fail’ is, obviously, corporatism.

Bailouts for banks ‘too big to fail’ is also, obviously, corporatism.

‘Disparate impact’ laws are an invitation to huge corporate construction companies and their lawyers to sue local municipalities into violating their own zoning laws in order to make millions of dollars in tax kickbacks for building “affordable housing.”

‘No bid contracts’ in which taxpayer money is handed to the politically connected without having to earn it is, obviously, corporatism.

. . . and so much more.

2. Write your local newspapers, contribute to this website, and promote all relevant content on every social media site you’ve joined as well as the email distribution lists and newsletters under your control.

3. VOTE INTELLIGENTLY.  Stop voting for the lesser of two evils.

4.  Question Everything.

5.  Sustain a moral code:

To sustain a moral code, one must understand their value system and act upon it every day.  Regardless of what is easier or more financially expedient to a person personally, a man or woman who sustains a moral code will always act upon what they perceive as a higher value over other options of lesser value:

Do you value the freedom to not buy the products and services of the huge corporations that own most of our politicians, over a supposed discount on health insurance?

If the answer is yes, you must oppose Obamacare.

Do you value choice and self determination for every adult, over government controlled monopolies that are forced upon every person regardless of their life choices?

If the answer is yes, you must oppose Social Security.

Do you value property rights and local sovereignty in regard to zoning, over money (in the case of construction companies), or “equity” in housing?

If the answer is yes, you must oppose “sustainable development” and disparate impact laws both locally and federally.

Americans lost their moral high ground.  We forfeited the gifts of liberty and justice that created our great nation for a quick fix.  To change our society we must develop brave warriors willing to stand up and speak the truth, so that more and more citizens are armed with concepts that reflect the truth and reality of modern American society.  Today, Americans are simply citizen subjects blunted by the lies and distractions manufactured by those in power.

When concepts reflect reality, society’s thinking changes and people begin to make better and more moral decisions.