America isn’t a corporate state, is it?

Images used with permission. By Glyn Lowe of Flickr and money by 401calculator full sizeAlthough the transition from an America built upon the principles of capitalism started decades ago, it was significantly accelerated during the Obama Administration.  It is evident that President Barrack Obama is a corporatist by virtue of the fact that he, all Democrats during his tenure, and many republicans were at least complicit if not instrumental in this fundamental transformation of America.

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Capitalism is peace

Economics and aggression have more in common than most understand. When considering history, it is evident that those societies which endow their governments with the power to “do good” inadvertently and equally empower their governments to cause great harm. Across the spectrum of differing societies, it is clear that those which disrespect the individual rights of its citizens also have a parallel disregard for other societies.

Capitalism is defined as an economic system in which property, businesses, and industry are owned by individual people and not by the government. In other words, in a capitalist society people have the freedom to possess and own property without control or possession by any other entity. The more a society values an individuals right to the property they have earned, the more capitalist the society. Of course, those who possess the resources also possess the power. Therefore, in a capitalist society the citizenry possess most of the power, not the government.

Statue of libertyThis is a default result of capitalism because government produces nothing; it only takes from those who produce. When the right of each individual to own the fruits of their labor is prevalent, governments power is limited. Therefore, its ability to initiate force against the individual is severely limited.

Finally, while studying the definition of capitalism, it is evident that it requires government.  As cited, it is an economic system in which resources are owned by individual people and not by the government.  Nowhere in the definition does it imply capitalism requires the absence of government, only that property rights are respected by the government. Read more