America is a corporate state


America, for decades, has moved towards a corporatist state.

For nearly a generation, voters were hoodwinked into believing there is a difference between the Republican and the Democrat Establishment parties.  Although there are some differences, those differences are superficial.  Today, the Establishment has two names and on principle that is the only difference between the two parties.

A few recent examples include hearing the leftist in America decry Republican ‘no-bid contracts’ for BlackwaterHalliburton, the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, and so many more.  Democrats continue by citing  the corporate welfare Republicans doled out during the most recent baking crisis and the Automakers, all while they insist their positions support the common citizen.

Yet there are countless examples of Democrats using taxpayer earnings to bailout huge corporations as well.  The Washington Post and the Huffington Post, report no-bid contracts jump 9 percent under Obama.  Recall what were the first two things President Obama did once he got in office?  First, Obama worked lockstep with Bush to bailout the banks then moved to compliment Bush’s push to bailout the Automakers.

Obama of course is equally “a man of the people” as Bush.

Then Obamacare Brought It All Together

It is evident today that the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare was never about affordable health care.  With deductibles skyrocketing and fewer and fewer procedures covered, every intelligent person in America who values the future of their country over a political party knows affordable care was never the intent of the law.

The Affordable Care Act was intended to complete the transition of America from a capitalist society to a corporatist nation in three obvious ways:

  • By controlling citizens from the moment they are born to the day they die.

Everything we do and use in our lives affects the health of us and those around us, and therefore of course the cost of health care.

 – Our body weight puts stress on our hearts and other vital organs that cause malfunction and is ALREADY being used by Obamacare and corporations to extort money and discriminate against health care consumers.

 – The car we drive creates air pollution that affects everyone’s lungs and therefore must be taxed excessively and the production of certain vehicles discouraged.

 – The food we eat causes heart disease, diabetes, and numerous other maladies that increase the cost of health care for everyone paying into the system and therefore will need to be controlled.

 – The size of the house we reside takes up natural resources necessary for a healthy environment.

 – ‘Light pollution’ hurts our economy and detracts from resources so therefore must be limited.

 – The amount of exercise we do has of course a direct affect on our health, the less exercise we do the higher the costs for EVERYONE’S health care, and therefore must be monitored and regulated.

 . . . and so much more.

Obamacare doesn’t just enslave those in the medical community; it enslaves us all to the whims of politicians and any simple majority.

  • By setting the precedent in American governance that it is appropriate and moral for government to force citizens to buy the products and services of a private company.

Due to Supreme Court Justice Roberts’ favorable decision on the Obamacare tax, any private entity – whether it be a corporation or consortium of institutions – can now force all Americans to buy their products and services with a simple majority in Congress.  This is the first precedent set for the final chapter in America’s transition to corporatism.

  • The Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act also effectively nullified the Amendment protections afforded to every American by our Founding Fathers. 

The immense power grab created by the decision on Obamacare is not understood by most Americans.  We must ask ourselves, ‘Why did Congress require a Constitutional Amendment for Alcohol Prohibition but not Obamacare?’  Both were for the ‘common good’ and both were or are considered public health issues.

The precedent set by Congress and the Supreme Court, without question, annihilated the main firewall stopping massive government abuse of American citizens by fully circumventing the very difficult constitutional amendment process for a procedure that only requires a simple majority vote in Congress.  Now, as opposed to requiring a super majority in Congress or the application of an amendment by legislatures of two thirds of the states, the US Congress can endow itself with any power it wishes by voting and achieving only a simple majority in both Houses of Congress.

Therefore, it is evident America has fully transformed from a predominantly capitalist country to a corporatist state.  Although many of the horrors of such a transition, such as those cited above, have not been seen – they will.  It is only a matter of time unless Americans stand up and fight for the future of this great country and the children who will inherit it.