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Today’s Anarchists

American AnarchistsWho are the real anarchist today?  Is it the Libertarians, Objectivists, independents, and liberty Republicans?  Are those who are creating the problems the same people who want to limit the power of government and eliminate any injection of political influence on all honest and voluntary interactions?  Or is it the Establishment Democrats and Republicans, as well as socialist and Greens who believe they can attain order in society by imposing regulations and rules to guide people’s decision making?

In this day and age when the meaning of words are distorted by those looking to cloak their true efforts under the guise of linguistic deceit, it is necessary to secure proper vernacular to limit confusion and secure a clear debate.  This is no less true in regard to the word anarchy.  Objective individuals who advocate for a society based upon freedom and liberty, a society unregulated by the whims of the majority or politicians, are sometimes misclassified as anarchist.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The absence of control by government is not Anarchy.  Read more