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Equity = Marxism Pass It On

social justice logic anticorporatism
Social Justice The stupidity that politicians should treat certain citizens unequally under the law in order to make them equal

So, where are the piles of dead bodies from the Rally in DC? According the COVID tyrants, nearly all of them should be dead by now.

Democrat Governors will not be satisfied until all that is left in their states are essential businesses Achieving their goal of a socialist utopia - Anticorporatism

The covid-19 conundrum

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it isn't about social justice its about civil war

left democrat strategy 2020

they are fighting over control anticorporatism

sleeping comfortably 9MM June 2 2020

george floyd meme

We are only prisoners as long as we allow ourselves to be prisoners Anticorporatism

voting for government power anticorporatism


democrats are just Chinese puppets

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Why no drones above the 2nd Amendment Rally in Virginia - AntiCorporatism

Soleimani drone strike Iran democrat response

The adult children of America democrats who oppose trump

Election 2020 Deep State

Ambassador Yovanovitch questioned by Chris Stewart Republican UT

Representative John Ratcliffe exchnage with William Taylor Acting US Ambassador to Ukraine

Democrat Impeachment snopes is clearly just a propaganda outlet

enviromentalism is just an excuse for communism

Electoral College Super Delgates Rhode Island hasn't picked their democat candidate

America destroyed from within - Anticorporatism

what are rights -

de Blasio democrat candidate refers to other democrats as comrades

deregulate schools by AntiCorporatism

Quote by Michael Hurd

The real reason for the mueller investigation of trump

Anticorporatism Right2Refuse Meme

Nicolás Maduro and Progressive Democrats

Concept by Tyler Brandt and Jon Miltimore of FEE/Foundation for Economic Education

Dr. Wacasey brillian observation - HEALTHCAREONOMICS

Kavanaugh protestors -

FDR First and only president to order the arrest of Americans for the possession of gold - Anticorporatism

 internment of Japanese Americans by FDR

Thomas Jefferson quote -

You didn't build that but obama built the 2018 economy -

Twitter Proof Kavanaugh protesters are paid image

Democrat party and niccolo machiavelli


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image by anticorporatism

net neutrality? - Anticorporatism


Why donald trump won meme

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NEVER FORGET Who forced our young men into the meat grinder called VIETNAM THE DEMOCRATS . . . and now they are risking war with Russia

Nancy Pelosi baghdad bob

badblue headline

Image by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Desmond Mpilo Tutu quote

Why is it the 1%?

Hillary Clinton Obamacare Coporatist

Whatever you do . . . DON’T VOTE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT . . . and let’s face it, if you do not know who that is, you’re an idiot - anticorporatism

Scare the hell out of the Establishment anticorporatism

Obama seize of local police

Today, people are so weak-minded that true Americans can either be nice or honest but not both


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Obama Trump corporation


Trump preconditions

Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump Property Rights


Networks and Establishment avoiding questions on Obamacare WHY?

Bernie Sanders Coporatist

People on congress think of you

ICU Nurse Manager, Velin Tonga gets a lesson from Ian Barrett in checking blood gases at Port Moresby General Hospital, Papua New Guinea. Ian, a medical scientist, from Lake Macquarie, has volunteered his services for Operation Open Heart. The AusAID-supported program sees Australian surgical teams travel to developing countries to perform and train local surgeons in specialist cardiac surgery.Photo: Rocky Roe/AusAID

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