Dr. Andrew Bostom proves the Establishment forced a COVID narrative to steal your rights & set the precedent they own your life

Dr. Andrew Bostom is an author, medical doctor, and former Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University Medical School.  As a medical doctor, Bostom is very familiar with virology as well as the history of prior pandemics.  Dr. Bostom was, and continues to be, the voice of reason combating the Establishment narrative regarding the COVID-19 misnomered “pandemic.”

In the video below, Dr. Bostom examines the different courses of action taken in his home state of Rhode Island to force a false COVID narrative onto the people.  In turn, Dr. Bostom exposes the insidious means in which the political class all across America systematically dismantled each and every sovereign citizens’ right to their life, property, and productivity.  It is clear COVID was used as an opportunity for statist to seize control and set the precedent that in a state of emergency, even one contrived, politicians own the right to destroy people’s livelihoods and rights.  Unsurprisingly, Americans took the bait like sheep to the slaughter, yet maybe it is possible that Dr. Bostom’s knowledge and courage will open Americans’ eyes so that such a offense against the natural rights of all people will never be violated again.

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