Government imposed regulations are the foundation of American corporatism

Government imposed regulations are the foundation of American corporatism

Government imposed regulations limit innovation and protect big corporations from more agile and customer-responsive smaller businesses.  Large corporations, with layers and layers of bureaucracy, simply cannot respond to market forces nearly as well as their smaller competitors.  Flatter organizations with fewer layers of bureaucracy, on the other hand, can, and most often will, make common sense decisions quicker and more efficiently, endearing them to their customers.  This is a much greater challenge to larger businesses that must seek consensus among many leaders before they can react to the needs of their customers.

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Has power become synonymous with pedophilia?

Has power become synonymous with pedophilia?

Sounds like a bizarre question – but if one considers the reality that has emerged over the last decade, this correlation is clearly obvious and frightening.  Reports of crimes such as human trafficking and abuses against children are not new, but the surfacing of the number and extent of powerful entities with global reach and their deep rooted ties to unspeakable horrors against children is becoming clear.

Consider three of the most powerful governmental and religious entities the world has ever seen:

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church with its 1.2 billion followers is a powerful global organization.  For decades, the Catholic Church has been exposed as a cabal of sexual predators.  From Australia to Ireland, from Boston to Argentina, in every major country and in every US State, reports of abuses by Church authorities have come to light.  According to the BBC, “A Church-commissioned report in 2004 said more than 4,000 US Roman Catholic priests had faced sexual abuse allegations in the last 50 years, in cases involving more than 10,000 children – mostly boys.”  And these are just those abuses reported, just the tip of the iceberg.

As if this was not enough evidence alone, the reality that the Church leadership for decades, maybe centuries, covered up such abuses and even protected pedophiles in their ranks by moving them from one parish to another.  Clearly, the Catholic Church was not only aware of such abuses as well as aware of the extent of the problem, but also worked to enable and protect the abusers. Read more

Socialized school system destroys many children’s future and teachers’ jobs

Warwick Rhode Island Public School emblemFor what is a shock to those who are completely ignorant of history and current events, but not to those of us who understand what made America the greatest country on Earth, Warwick Rhode Island schools will no longer have sports or clubs come this fall.

For those parents who support free markets and fought against the current leadership in Warwick, and especially the children who will be forced into an even greater one-size fits all education system, true Americans extend their greatest sympathies.

For everyone else in the city of Warwick, you get what you deserve.

After years of Tea Party activists and good government organizations in Rhode Island fighting hard against the Establishment in the state, and warning union workers, parents, and all voters that their system of government is not sustainable, we see the result of voters’ blatant disregard to their warnings.  The shortsightedness of the majority of voters in the state and others believing that if they do not vote for the Establishment their paycheck would be affected, the students of Warwick are the victims of their decision making. Read more

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How to create a slave state

With the advent of the internet, knowledge is now a commodity that is easily accessed and free.  Although this does not correlate directly to intelligence and wisdom, it does make it far more difficult than in the past to win a debate by appealing to people’s ignorance.

Despite the efforts of government corporatists and the platforms that prop them up such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, network news, and Hollywood, these efforts alone will only postpone the inevitable – the intellectual dominance of the individualist.

So how, in fact, do the corporatists plan to win?

The long game being played by corporatists and globalists was never an intellectual fight, nor the battle they felt they must win to triumph over their conquest of those they view as subordinates.  Instead, they have positioned their fight over the last few generations in such a way as to not appeal to people’s intelligence, but their desire to possess the unearned.  And it is clearly working.

These elites understand that many people are intellectually lazy and envious, so therefore would choose dependence over the risks and hard work of independence and self-determination.  They understand that such people will do nearly anything to ensure they will never need to earn their own keep or suffer the consequences of their actions and decisions.  Such people simply wish to validate the fantasy that they are entitled to the property of others simply because they need it.

Herein lies the real strategy of the evil in this world, and the main component needed to construct a slave state under corporate governance. Read more

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Tribalism is necessary to an authoritarian state, and it is everywhere in America today

“The magician and the politician have much in common: they both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing.” -Ben Okri, Nigerian poet

Image by RITeaParty.comClearly, there is a widening gap between political views in America and the rift is only getting wider.  Imagine a Tea Party rally today, and try not to cringe.  Such a thought is cringeworthy because the evolution of the political Left in America went from a party of “liberals” to the violent and childishly emotional group we see today determined to push their ideology on the rest of America.

It is evident that the political left in America realized during the Obama administration that when an open and honest discussion about their beliefs is engaged, they lose.  All it takes is a person who values logic and reason over their own emotional needs, and the Left cannot win.

What does a movement do when it is evident their views are not adequately accepted?

What alternatives do the leftist have when the grassroots are no longer effective?

Paid protestors and ignoramuses used to preach tribalist gospel is an option, but in a world in which there is a camera with nearly unlimited capacity and clarity on the hip of everybody walking down the street, this is most often shown as an obvious deception.  Although such actions will never stop, the effect is not strong enough to move a nation built on moral values.

Therefore, what is the next logical step for the Left in America?

Image by cantfightthetendies of flickr.comAntifa, Occupy Wall Street, Democrats, and Progressives are bent on diminishing free speech, and this is without question to quiet the bullhorn generated by the Tea Party, Libertarian, and other capitalist movements that permeates a significant portion of “conservative” politics today.  The true capitalists of America realized that the core of America’s values was well on its way to ruin once Obama was in office and his goals were clear.

Bush, Clinton, and so many others prior to Obama laid the foundation of this by doling out money to states, making them dependent upon Federal handouts for housing, schools, and infrastructure.  Then, using this addiction to “free” money, the power brokers in Washington use this leverage to force the hands of local officials to shape their communities as they see fit.

Yet despite all of this, politicians that desire limitless power still had an incredible obstacle to overcome:  Making people who would normally agree on certain commonly held principles to instead disagree passionately.

Enter tribalism. Read more

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A bombshell revelation: Unrestrained immigration, the minimum wage, and the political Left’s poisonous goal for American workers

Image from wikimedia.orgA politically imposed minimum wage¹ is considered by all democrats and many republicans to be an effort to improve the earning potential of less skilled workers. If this was true, is it not contradictory that those who support such government intrusion into employment agreements also support a massive influx of low-skilled workers who will unquestionably be hired, trained, and employed far below the minimum wage they supposedly support?

If such people were truly concerned that low skilled workers were not making a living wage, why would they at the same time welcome and enable those who will willfully and predominantly fill these jobs at a much lower rate?

Although these questions appear puzzling, when one understands the real intent of this politically motivated effort, the answer is quite clear.

Although the masses of people who support the minimum wage are either too lazy to do much more than parrot talking points or too unintelligent to think otherwise, the vast majority of politicians know exactly what they are doing and their true goal is shocking:
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The insurgent force od American

Disrespect for the National Anthem, Suppression of Speech, Violence . . . What is going on? The Answer:

“If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die by suicide.” – Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln foreshadowed life in America today.  Through two World Wars and numerous conflicts in US history, it is evident to those who wish to destroy America that the destruction of our country can only come from a cancer metastasized from within.

In order to poison a living entity, one must create an infection.  A direct invasion into the United States from a foreign entity could never work.  In a country in which ownership of firearms is over 265 million, coupled with the greatest military force ever know to man, an enemy of the United States would be insane to invade.  But an invasion of citizens would be nearly impossible to spot until it is too late, and the division would weaken the country enough to make it collapse.

This is happening today, and when their tactics are understood the picture becomes very clear.

To form an army one must first identify those willing to fight.  This is the phase we are in today and have been for some time.  Each of these factions has a purpose and they are necessary to form the army.

The Immoral Faction

Members of this faction at the time this article was published:  The Occupy Movement, socialists, communists, Bernie Sanders’ followers, Establishment corporatists (both Republican and Democrat), and Greens.

This is the farm team and comprised of relatively nonviolent people who accept the immoral premise that what they value must be forced upon others.  Groups like Occupy Wall Street, Bernie Sanders’ followers, and Greens are mostly a nonviolent group of young people, so these organizations have vast appeal to naive idealists who can be easily influenced.  Identifying this group by those who wish to fracture America happens first because such people are dedicated and willing to act, and due to their adolescent disposition, can be easily accepted by society.

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Break the back of the two-party system and save our Republic – Join the Fair Vote Movement


If you are reading this article and believe that our electoral system allows for diversity of choice in relation to the leadership of our country, the author requests that you start by reading this article:

There is no such thing as the political left and the political right. You’ve been duped.

If upon finishing this article you believe the electoral system is fine and the political parties of our country offer a real difference in leadership – go away. You do not possess the intelligence to proceed and your opinion means nothing.

For the rest of the thinking population, I implore you to consider what follows. It is a solution to what you know in your heart to be a huge problem in our country. Whether your party includes the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists, Socialists, Objectivists, or another organization, the implementation of a fair vote process will benefit you, if you truly believe your view is the proper direction for our country.

Fight for the Fair Vote and save our Republic

How often do you feel you have truly cast a vote for a person who stands for your principles and values? When it comes to national elections, most often people say they have chosen the lesser of two evils as opposed to the candidate who squares sufficiently with his or her values. Read more

Why no top executives have been prosecuted for the financial crisis

Why no top executives were prosecuted for the financial crisis: The real answer

No top executives of major banks were prosecuted for the financial mess witnessed over the past decade because politicians and corporate banks regulated the market to protect themselves while placing the risk of investment on the shoulders of citizens and future generations.

How is this possible?  Are regulations created to protect the consumer?

The answer is no.

The housing regulations enacted over the past few decades were and still are an attempt to force the world view of a handful of politicians upon an entire industry, and in exchange for this the industry was given a means of shielding itself from the responsibility to act with reason and caution. Read more

The Perversion of Rights and the Baseball Field Trail of Blood: Steve Scalise and the Evil of James T. Hodgkinson

The Perversion of Rights and the Baseball Field Trail of Blood: Steve Scalise and the Evil of James T. Hodgkinson

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore of FlickrToday we witnessed the inevitable progression of a society engulfed in an irrational, immoral, and perverted value system.  When the morality of any society does not question a “right” to health care, a “right” to a job, a “right” to another’s property, the very meaning of rights is wholly perverted and destroyed.

This is where America is today; and why yet another self-validated leftist felt it was his right to destroy in the name of demented and deranged justice.  This morning, blood was shed in an attempt to take the lives of congressmen by an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders.

This is of no surprise to those in the Tea Party Movement who understand how Sanders’ perversion of rights could lead to such a tragedy.

The time is NOW for those who love America and the values she was founded to stand up and have the courage to face friends, family, and foes to say, “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE UNEARNED.  YOU NEVER DID AND YOU NEVER WILL.” Read more