Why, all of the sudden, is there Asian hate in America?  Here is the answer:

Why, all of the sudden, is there Asian hate in America? Here is the answer:

There are two main elements to the current assault against Asians in America.  The events seen recently, noticeably all the sudden, are not a coincidence and not a matter of hate towards Asian Americans necessarily.  It is an effort to maintain the current political environment that perpetuates the institutionalized racism enacted and enforced by Affirmative Action, and preparation for the Establishment’s race war in America.

Reason 1:  Racism is in high demand by leftists in America, and they have a real supply problem

The Establishment in America, both Republican and Democrat, clearly want a race war in America.  Asians are a needed demographic in the leftists’ race war, because two factions are being formed and those waiting to ignite the spark need as many identities as possible to unite against “white” America.

Those seeking a race war know that those they consider “white” must be outnumbered by as much as possible, be that Asians, African Americans, transgender people, feminists, gays, Latinos, and whomever, because “white” America is heavily armed and clearly in the majority.  For the Establishment to create a new slave class in America, they must first convince enough factions it is in their self-interest to exploit the new devil, “white” America, no different from what Nazis did to the Jews. Read more

The insurgent force od American

Disrespect for the National Anthem, Suppression of Speech, Violence . . . What is going on? The Answer:

“If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die by suicide.” – Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln foreshadowed life in America today.  Through two World Wars and numerous conflicts in US history, it is evident to those who wish to destroy America that the destruction of our country can only come from a cancer metastasized from within.

In order to poison a living entity, one must create an infection.  A direct invasion into the United States from a foreign entity could never work.  In a country in which ownership of firearms is over 265 million, coupled with the greatest military force ever know to man, an enemy of the United States would be insane to invade.  But an invasion of citizens would be nearly impossible to spot until it is too late, and the division would weaken the country enough to make it collapse.

This is happening today, and when their tactics are understood the picture becomes very clear.

To form an army one must first identify those willing to fight.  This is the phase we are in today and have been for some time.  Each of these factions has a purpose and they are necessary to form the army.

The Immoral Faction

Members of this faction at the time this article was published:  The Occupy Movement, socialists, communists, Bernie Sanders’ followers, Establishment corporatists (both Republican and Democrat), and Greens.

This is the farm team and comprised of relatively nonviolent people who accept the immoral premise that what they value must be forced upon others.  Groups like Occupy Wall Street, Bernie Sanders’ followers, and Greens are mostly a nonviolent group of young people, so these organizations have vast appeal to naive idealists who can be easily influenced.  Identifying this group by those who wish to fracture America happens first because such people are dedicated and willing to act, and due to their adolescent disposition, can be easily accepted by society.

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