Despite Trump victory, the Tea Party could still lose

tea party protest sign stop the change to socialismMake no mistake, unless the trajectory forged by Trump over the last two years goes completely astray, every consequential policy decision made by Obama is dead.  We of the Tea Party are vindicated, we successfully won the war against our children’s future and the benefits will be seen for generations to come.

Thank you to everyone who fought through all the bitter defeats in the Tea Party.  Thank you to those who fought hard and then departed, your inspiration and momentum at the beginning kept many of us fighting for years after.  Thank you to those who did not actively participate but knew in their hearts that what they saw and what they were told were two very different things.  We could not have won without your willful encouragement and support.

The Tea Party is by no means unified for, or of course not against, Donald Trump.  As a leader in the movement from its inception, I can tell you that my choice was never Donald Trump.  But his steadfast commitment to change the direction our country was heading was by no means unnoticed.  He did not act like a politician; which at times was embarrassing, but what the Tea Party needed, what America needed, was a non-politician who loved America as much as we do, with his or her blemishes and scars.

All of Obama’s greatest achievements will be struck down like paper tigers with a stroke of a pen.  Years of destruction to some of the greatest institutions the world has ever seen will quickly dissolve in a relatively short period of time.

There is nothing more a Tea Party member could possibly asked for since day one:

  • Obamacare repealed and replaced with a drastically more free market solution, to a degree this country hasn’t seen for generations.
  • Unbinding the hands of risk takers in America just waiting to turn ideas into prosperity and wealth, knowing if they succeed they will reap what they sow.
  • Supreme Court Justices that respect our Constitution and the values our country was founded.

These three, nearly guaranteed outcomes of a Trump presidency, are pure success on the part of the Tea Party.  Generations to come will benefit immensely from our efforts to dodge the kill shots fired at our most sacred principles.

Our work is not done, and failure is still an option

american-dreamAll of this good news takes a weight from my shoulders I’ve felt for so long I forgot it was there.  But the work is not done.  Obama’s policies are dead, but the precedent he set with the help of Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of his minions will live on.  We must fight back against the seeds of destruction sown by Obama and those who enabled him.

Obamacare is corporatism, not health care.  It set the legal precedent that the government can tax us for not buying the products and services of the corporations that OWN our politicians.  This is the real legacy of Obama, and he is proud of it.  Without this cancer cut from the soul of America, the Tea Party will have in fact LOST the fight against Obama.

Once Obamacare was upheld by all three branches of government, the only way to end this threat was through a constitutional amendment.  We know this is difficult and we know it could fail, but we are so close now; we must strike or forever know we missed our chance.  If we allow this precedent to stand, our children will need to fight it with it firmly seated in our laws, making the fight a deadly endeavor.

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