Has power become synonymous with pedophilia?

Sounds like a bizarre question – but if one considers the reality that has emerged over the last decade, this correlation is clearly obvious and frightening.  Reports of crimes such as human trafficking and abuses against children are not new, but the surfacing of the number and extent of powerful entities with global reach and their deep rooted ties to unspeakable horrors against children is becoming clear.

Consider three of the most powerful governmental and religious entities the world has ever seen:

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church with its 1.2 billion followers is a powerful global organization.  For decades, the Catholic Church has been exposed as a cabal of sexual predators.  From Australia to Ireland, from Boston to Argentina, in every major country and in every US State, reports of abuses by Church authorities have come to light.  According to the BBC, “A Church-commissioned report in 2004 said more than 4,000 US Roman Catholic priests had faced sexual abuse allegations in the last 50 years, in cases involving more than 10,000 children – mostly boys.”  And these are just those abuses reported, just the tip of the iceberg.

As if this was not enough evidence alone, the reality that the Church leadership for decades, maybe centuries, covered up such abuses and even protected pedophiles in their ranks by moving them from one parish to another.  Clearly, the Catholic Church was not only aware of such abuses as well as aware of the extent of the problem, but also worked to enable and protect the abusers.

The Islamic Church

Unlike the Catholic Church which hid its abuses, showing at least some level of shame for the evil they were imposing upon the most vulnerable in society, the Islamic Church shows no such concern.  According to the Washington Times, in Pakistan alone 1.9 million children are currently married in the country.  Also, according to CNN, in the Sudan a 1991 Personal Status Law of Muslims allowed children to marry when they reach “maturity,” which by their standards is 10 years old.

The United States Political Establishment

Jeffrey Epstein was recently described by the Daily Beast as a “Billionaire Pedophile” while New York Magazine published an exposé on his private pedophile Island.  This is underscored by the fact that over a decade ago, the New York Post exposed Epstein’s plea deal for soliciting underage prostitutes at his Florida mansion.

Epstein’s arrest clearly put extremely powerful people in the United States in a situation in which they had to murder him.  There is simply no way two federal prison guards fell asleep while a killer walked into his cell and attempted to make his murder look like a suicide.  The only way this happens is if very powerful people in the US federal government sanctioned and allowed it.

Why would the United States federal prison system allow such a murder to occur, and back it with a truly unbelievable story that the guards fell asleep? 

The only answer is that those who perpetrated the crime are so guilty they had to react quickly with little regard to the believability of their story, or their confidence in the power they possess and the American citizens’ naiveté and religious following of their political parties protected them from retaliation.  Either way, the events surrounding the Epstein murder illustrate that to a large degree the American political Establishment is on par with the sick and evil power brokers of the Catholic and Muslim churches.

This Must Stop

This evil is not going to stop until the billions of good and moral people throughout the world stop their blind following of their political leadership and religious organizations.  Clearly, a dollar given to the two major religious organizations in existence today is a dollar given in support of pedophilia.  A dollar given to Establishment politicians or candidates is a dollar given in support of pedophilia.  The evidence since the Epstein murder is overwhelming, as well as the evidence that surrounds the world’s largest religious organizations.

Good people need to wake up and act.

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