How to create a slave state

With the advent of the internet, knowledge is now a commodity that is easily accessed and free.  Although this does not correlate directly to intelligence and wisdom, it does make it far more difficult than in the past to win a debate by appealing to people’s ignorance.

Despite the efforts of government corporatists and the platforms that prop them up such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, network news, and Hollywood, these efforts alone will only postpone the inevitable – the intellectual dominance of the individualist.

So how, in fact, do the corporatists plan to win?

The long game being played by corporatists and globalists was never an intellectual fight, nor the battle they felt they must win to triumph over their conquest of those they view as subordinates.  Instead, they have positioned their fight over the last few generations in such a way as to not appeal to people’s intelligence, but their desire to possess the unearned.  And it is clearly working.

These elites understand that many people are intellectually lazy and envious, so therefore would choose dependence over the risks and hard work of independence and self-determination.  They understand that such people will do nearly anything to ensure they will never need to earn their own keep or suffer the consequences of their actions and decisions.  Such people simply wish to validate the fantasy that they are entitled to the property of others simply because they need it.

Herein lies the real strategy of the evil in this world, and the main component needed to construct a slave state under corporate governance.

While husbands and wives are forced to work a sum of at least 80 hours a week simply to make ends meet because government takes nearly half of everything they earn, it is easy for many to become apathetic.  This, coupled with decades of indoctrination of our children via the public school system and the prevailing myth that tens of trillions of dollars of debt is sustainable, our society has quietly but surely accepted the path to serfdom.

Indoctrinated children are now adults, and their entire life has been a validation that the debt their parents allowed their government to amass will never be used against them and that it is moral and right for the government to take from one group of people for the benefit of another.

An indebted and immoral people are a slave nation. 

America is now in debt to the tune of 22 trillion dollars.  This is an unfathomable amount of money and no one who thinks believes it will ever be paid back anytime soon.  So why would anyone buy such debt?  Altruistic reasons?  Impossible.  Foreign investors own 6.21 trillion dollars of our debt. Consider what they are buying at that rate.

Yet productive America is a formidable force, so simply bankrupting the country is not enough to enslave us.  Therefore, for slavery to be fully realized, Americans must be bankrupted at the household level.  This is why state leadership is working to bankrupt the productive people in America through their own local policies.

Those who have even the slightest chance of getting America out from under the thumb of debt and foreign influence, the productive citizenry, are being commanded to fund free college education, corporate welfare, the addicted, a huge health care bureaucracy, and undoubtedly as many social programs as possible to further indebt the nation down to its core; the household.

Now that on a nationwide level the country is already enslaved to foreign interests, injecting this cancer into the core of America’s strength is necessary.  The elites know the only way to kill America is to get her to kill herself.  Through our own immorality and foolish immaturity, that is exactly what America is allowing to happen and their local leadership is more than happy to comply.

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