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Break the back of the two-party system and save our Republic – Join the Fair Vote Movement


If you are reading this article and believe that our electoral system allows for diversity of choice in relation to the leadership of our country, the author requests that you start by reading this article:

There is no such thing as the political left and the political right. You’ve been duped.

If upon finishing this article you believe the electoral system is fine and the political parties of our country offer a real difference in leadership – go away. You do not possess the intelligence to proceed and your opinion means nothing.

For the rest of the thinking population, I implore you to consider what follows. It is a solution to what you know in your heart to be a huge problem in our country. Whether your party includes the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists, Socialists, Objectivists, or another organization, the implementation of a fair vote process will benefit you, if you truly believe your view is the proper direction for our country.

Fight for the Fair Vote and save our Republic

How often do you feel you have truly cast a vote for a person who stands for your principles and values? When it comes to national elections, most often people say they have chosen the lesser of two evils as opposed to the candidate who squares sufficiently with his or her values. Read more