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If you are reading this article and believe that our electoral system allows for diversity of choice in relation to the leadership of our country, the author requests that you start by reading this article:

There is no such thing as the political left and the political right. You’ve been duped.

If upon finishing this article you believe the electoral system is fine and the political parties of our country offer a real difference in leadership – go away. You do not possess the intelligence to proceed and your opinion means nothing.

For the rest of the thinking population, I implore you to consider what follows. It is a solution to what you know in your heart to be a huge problem in our country. Whether your party includes the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists, Socialists, Objectivists, or another organization, the implementation of a fair vote process will benefit you, if you truly believe your view is the proper direction for our country.

Fight for the Fair Vote and save our Republic

How often do you feel you have truly cast a vote for a person who stands for your principles and values? When it comes to national elections, most often people say they have chosen the lesser of two evils as opposed to the candidate who squares sufficiently with his or her values.

Image by Theresa Thompson of flickrThat is of course if a person is even willing to join the electoral contest. Most often, unless the third party candidate is a person of significant personal wealth and is willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of his or her own money, their voice will be drowned out by the bull horn of both incumbent parties.

Why is this the case? Why are most people today settling as opposed to standing up for what they truly believe?

The “thrown away vote”

The response most often given as to why a person votes for the lesser of two evils as opposed to their conscious is most often attributed to their feeling that the vote cast for the best choice would be “thrown away” because the candidate could never win.

Although this view is part of the problem, it has some merit.

It is part of the problem because with this mindset nothing will ever change. Obviously if a plurality of the population voted for a non-Establishment candidate, he or she would win. Knowing, of course, that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, one cannot deny that generations of candidacies that ran outside of the mainstream lost.

The electoral process is rigged to force a decision between two sides and two sides only. The Republican and Democrat parties have amassed a huge amount of power by catering to the special interests, and to stand in opposition to them is nearly impossible. Their ability to raise money and influence the masses is almost inconceivable.

For one person or one group to break off from the Corporatist Establishment and fight on principle is nearly impossible.  Although a case could be made that Donald Trump bridged this huge gap, such strength in personality and tremendous personal wealth is extraordinary and extremely rare.  Any entity that has the desire and money to buy influence in government is motivated to support the Establishment candidate because the rewards for such support, which nearly always extends to both options on the ballot, are firmly in place, perfectly legal, and encouraged by the electoral process.

This is how the corporatocracy of America formed over time and why it lives with great strength today.

The only solution is to break the back of the two-party system.

Yet how can this be done and still conduct an electoral process that squares with American Principles?

Should we continue to limit or worse not allow people and groups to use their own money to fund those leaders they see as advocates for their beliefs?

No. Money is property and in accordance with American principles people have a right to do with their property as they see fit.

Should we call for the public funding of elections?

No. “Public” means “government” and putting the government in charge of funding elections is perfectly analogous to putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

The only hope is a means of allowing the public to vote their conscious by eliminating the “either or” scenario. This is done all over the world and even in some states by a fair vote or ranked system of voting. Such a system allows people to vote for the best candidate they deem worthy without any concern that their vote is wasted.

Here is how it is done:

  1. As opposed to forcing people to vote in an all or nothing system, people are empowered to rank their choices from their most favored candidate to the least favored candidate.
  2. When the voting is complete every person’s first choice is cast and the vote is tallied
  3. If one candidate receives a majority of votes, he or she wins. End of the election.
  4. If no one candidate receives a majority of votes, the person with the least amount of votes is eliminated from the contest. Those who cast their vote for the eliminated candidate instantly cast their second choice for the seat.
  5. This continues until one candidate earns a majority

With this system, people can truly vote their conscious knowing that if their first choice is eliminated from the race their vote will still count. When such a mindset is put in place, elections become about ideas and not about money and parties, something Establishment parties and the corporatist leadership in the US Government and those who support them fear more than anything.

Some have said this is too big of a task.

Others have said people will not understand it.

Still others have said it will take too long.

I ask you, has there ever been something that has made a better world for generations to come small, simple, and quick?

All those today who have had it with the corporatist Establishment, no matter your political affiliation, join the Fair Vote effort.  If you believe you are right and those in power are wrong, you have an obligation to future generations to stand and fight.

If you appreciate the unique perspective this article offers and would like to encourage the author to continue to produce the reasoning America requires to make a better future for generations to come, please subscribe to our updates and donate dollars, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash today

If you appreciate the unique perspective this article offers and would like to encourage the author to continue to produce the reasoning America requires to make a better future for generations to come, please subscribe to our updates and donate dollars, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash today.

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