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Tribalism is necessary to an authoritarian state, and it is everywhere in America today

“The magician and the politician have much in common: they both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing.” -Ben Okri, Nigerian poet

Image by RITeaParty.comClearly, there is a widening gap between political views in America and the rift is only getting wider.  Imagine a Tea Party rally today, and try not to cringe.  Such a thought is cringeworthy because the evolution of the political Left in America went from a party of “liberals” to the violent and childishly emotional group we see today determined to push their ideology on the rest of America.

It is evident that the political left in America realized during the Obama administration that when an open and honest discussion about their beliefs is engaged, they lose.  All it takes is a person who values logic and reason over their own emotional needs, and the Left cannot win.

What does a movement do when it is evident their views are not adequately accepted?

What alternatives do the leftist have when the grassroots are no longer effective?

Paid protestors and ignoramuses used to preach tribalist gospel is an option, but in a world in which there is a camera with nearly unlimited capacity and clarity on the hip of everybody walking down the street, this is most often shown as an obvious deception.  Although such actions will never stop, the effect is not strong enough to move a nation built on moral values.

Therefore, what is the next logical step for the Left in America?

Image by cantfightthetendies of flickr.comAntifa, Occupy Wall Street, Democrats, and Progressives are bent on diminishing free speech, and this is without question to quiet the bullhorn generated by the Tea Party, Libertarian, and other capitalist movements that permeates a significant portion of “conservative” politics today.  The true capitalists of America realized that the core of America’s values was well on its way to ruin once Obama was in office and his goals were clear.

Bush, Clinton, and so many others prior to Obama laid the foundation of this by doling out money to states, making them dependent upon Federal handouts for housing, schools, and infrastructure.  Then, using this addiction to “free” money, the power brokers in Washington use this leverage to force the hands of local officials to shape their communities as they see fit.

Yet despite all of this, politicians that desire limitless power still had an incredible obstacle to overcome:  Making people who would normally agree on certain commonly held principles to instead disagree passionately.

Enter tribalism. Read more