Socialized school system destroys many children’s future and teachers’ jobs

Warwick Rhode Island Public School emblemFor what is a shock to those who are completely ignorant of history and current events, but not to those of us who understand what made America the greatest country on Earth, Warwick Rhode Island schools will no longer have sports or clubs come this fall.

For those parents who support free markets and fought against the current leadership in Warwick, and especially the children who will be forced into an even greater one-size fits all education system, true Americans extend their greatest sympathies.

For everyone else in the city of Warwick, you get what you deserve.

After years of Tea Party activists and good government organizations in Rhode Island fighting hard against the Establishment in the state, and warning union workers, parents, and all voters that their system of government is not sustainable, we see the result of voters’ blatant disregard to their warnings.  The shortsightedness of the majority of voters in the state and others believing that if they do not vote for the Establishment their paycheck would be affected, the students of Warwick are the victims of their decision making. Read more