The Perversion of Rights and the Baseball Field Trail of Blood: Steve Scalise and the Evil of James T. Hodgkinson

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore of FlickrToday we witnessed the inevitable progression of a society engulfed in an irrational, immoral, and perverted value system.  When the morality of any society does not question a “right” to health care, a “right” to a job, a “right” to another’s property, the very meaning of rights is wholly perverted and destroyed.

This is where America is today; and why yet another self-validated leftist felt it was his right to destroy in the name of demented and deranged justice.  This morning, blood was shed in an attempt to take the lives of congressmen by an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders.

This is of no surprise to those in the Tea Party Movement who understand how Sanders’ perversion of rights could lead to such a tragedy.

The time is NOW for those who love America and the values she was founded to stand up and have the courage to face friends, family, and foes to say, “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE UNEARNED.  YOU NEVER DID AND YOU NEVER WILL.”

This must be done because the seeds of the immoral belief that what others possess is not theirs but everyone’s are sown into our society.  It is apparent the dark and deadly plant has risen from its sewer to infect the weak and simpleminded.

The more a society departs from the belief that other people’s lives and property are theirs and theirs alone, the more society condones the initiation of force to take from the individual for the benefit of others.  This will inevitably move from money, to property, to lives.

It was hard to say to my father-in-law that health care is not a right, because no one had a right to my daughter’s life, education, and work as a nurse. 

So I didn’t.

It was hard to say to my sister that she did not deserve a certain wage because owners of companies have a right to bargain for the best value they can for labor, just as a union has the right to negotiate for the best wage they can for their members.

So I didn’t.

It was hard to say to my friend that she did not have a right to an education because teachers’ lives, work, and effort are not owned by her.

So I didn’t.

As we sit by silently while allowing people of poor character and questionable morality to espouse their ignorant views to anyone who will listen unchallenged, we passively validate their views and allow the cancer of their value system to embed itself into our society.  As such views go unchallenged; those too busy to consider alternatives simply accept the principle without question.

As harmless as this appears, the effect builds exponentially in society and the result is what we saw today.

First it was the Occupy Movement, people who felt perfectly entitled to invade and remain on a property uninvited and unwelcome.  This is the initiation of force, albeit passively.

Next, it was the Antifa rioters, people who felt perfectly entitled to destroy private property and initiate force against anyone, justified by conflating speech to violence and then committing violence in its name.

Today, it is a Bernie Sanders supporter who opened fire on the congressmen he despised.

This progression is real, and rooted in the belief that what others possess; first land, then property, and now their lives, are not theirs.

This can be stopped, but only when good people stand up and start challenging the very foundation of the immorality that has metastasized into our society.

We can no longer stand silent.  We can no longer bite our tongues.  It is time to stand on principle or tomorrow will be a very different world for those who must inherit it.

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