The Deep State tasted the blood of the American Experiment and clearly will not back down this time

Since the end of the Obama administration the Deep State Establishment has never been closer to destroying America, and the taste of blood it had in its mouth emboldened its efforts for eight years.  Now that Trump is president, like a ravenous animal backed into a corner so close to killing its prey, the Deep State is clearly not willing to go back to square one.  This places America in a perilous position, and most are clueless as to the collision course our country is moving.

The proof:

The Trump impeachment

The Trump impeachment is obviously the most visible front in the Deep State’s war against America.  The notion of impeachment is now merely a tool to destroy a political enemy, no longer an option afforded to the American people for protection against a politician’s high crimes and misdemeanors.  No objective person could draw another conclusion.  From the fabricated and vulgar accusations of sexual misconduct by President Trump, to the Deep State funded Steele Dossier, and culminating currently to the hearsay-based Ukraine “crisis,” it is obvious we are in a fight for our country like never before.

The ‘Sustainable Development’ push

Under different pseudonyms, the United Nations’ entire Sustainable Development initiatives are corrupting the concept of private property rights in America.  Pushed by the corporatist powerhouse that controls America and globalists, as well as to line the pockets of huge building development companies and politicians, zoning laws are being systematically dismantled in the name of saving the environment and government imposed affordable housing.  Sometimes cloaked in the form of an “economic development plan” and “land use policy” as well as under many different names such as Agenda 21, the Tampa 912 project, or RhodeMapRI, the entire sustainable development movement is a top down, completely centralized planning of our lives.

Insidiously, the underlying reason for these efforts is to pervert America’s entire concept of rights and property.

You will know these plans when you hear or read of them by some (or most likely all) of these claims:

  • Single family housing, referred to by the Deep State as ‘sprawl,’ is bad for the environment and unsustainable.
  • Single family home developments are exclusionary and therefore racist, even if you and your neighbors do not know you are racist. This may sound like a joke, but unfortunately it is not.  Read the Supreme Court Ruling in “HUD’s Implementation of the Fair Housing Act’s Disparate Impact Standard” and specifically the line that reads;

[The Fair Housing Act] prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental, or financing of dwellings and in other housing-related activities on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin. HUD has long interpreted the Act to create liability for practices with an unjustified discriminatory effect, even if those practices were not motivated by discriminatory intent.

So yes, even if your municipality or state has zero intent to act in a racist fashion, bureaucrats may, and likely will, conclude you and your neighbors in fact are prejudice against people based upon the arbitrary characteristics listed above.

How insane.

Here is a video of one such effort in Rhode Island, the first state to implement the UN Sustainable Development initiatives across the entire state:

  • The land use documentation, most often an addendum of some sort to the sustainable development plan, cites the goal that two-thirds of the state/city/county/municipality should be reserved as “greenspace” (or some similar euphemism) in which no building or development is allowed.
  • The proposed solution to the “problem” of “exclusionary” and “unsustainable” single-family homeownership is of course the establishment of subsidized, mixed use, high density housing. Most often branded as “growth centers.”
  • image by PRARI the Property Rights Allaince of Rhode IslandThe state or municipality is erecting tolls and speed cameras everywhere possible.
  • As subsidization grows, so grows property taxes, conveniently making it less and less affordable to live in a single-family home. This continues until everyone except for the extremely wealthy are forced to sell their home for next to nothing due to skyrocketing property taxes and overburdened schools, and into mixed use, high density housing . . . The only housing families will be able to afford once the Sustainable Development plan comes to fruition.

Our monetary system

The Deep State has an ace in the hole in relation to our monetary system.  Although it is unlikely trade will be sacrificed resulting in the destruction of two or likely many more nations, it is a stick which at any time, can be used to force America to comply to the demands of internal and external Deep State forces.

It is simply unconscionable that the adults of today and the prior generation allowed our country to be so irresponsible with such a vital asset as our monetary system, that they jeopardized future generations’ security and well-being.

The disarmament effort

standoff bundy ranch by virgntn2011 of flickrOnce a nation is brought to its knees by perverting its value system, demoralizing its people, and placing its children in insurmountable debt, a country can still rise out of the ashes stronger if the good people of the country can defend what is theirs and kill the factions determined to destroy them.  This is what makes the ‘gun control’ effort vital to the Deep State’s efforts to destroy America.

From bans on assault weapons, some of the few firearms that will truly protect citizens from their government, and the systematic implementation of red flag laws that pit Americans against Americans and eviscerate due process, the effort to disarm Americans is well on its way.  This is a vital last element to the Deep State’s plans to win the war against America.

We are in trouble

The enemies of the United States learned decades ago that the only way to destroy America is to get her to destroy herself.  This effort is coming to a head in the coming years, and there is little we can do about it.  By destroying leaders who seek to stop this, making commonplace the perversion of rights and property, and illegalizing self defense against government aggression, the Deep State is winning and few Americans realize it.

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If you appreciate the unique perspective this article offers and would like to encourage the author to continue to produce the reasoning America requires to make a better future for generations to come, please subscribe to our updates and donate dollars, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash today.

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