The sooner we realize the other side must be soundly defeated, the sooner we can get back to normal life in America

Like the stock market, life on occasion needs a correction.  Clearly, whether we like it or not, America is at this point.  While there are those who believe this is just a phase, it is not.

Recently, Beyond Conflict published a research paper titled, “America’s Divided Mind.” The paper examines the divide between republicans and democrats in America today, and at its core is essentially a statist’ plea for rational people to compromise with the statists’ desire to control them.

In its overview section, the authors state:

Toxic polarization [between republicans and democrats], like violent sectarianism in many parts of the globe, distorts our view of reality. This leads people to underestimate what they have in common and creates a vision of the world that is defined by a destructive “Us vs. Them” mentality. Our results suggest that the United States is now facing toxic polarization.

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