The sooner we realize the other side must be soundly defeated, the sooner we can get back to normal life in America

Like the stock market, life on occasion needs a correction.  Clearly, whether we like it or not, America is at this point.  While there are those who believe this is just a phase, it is not.

Recently, Beyond Conflict published a research paper titled, “America’s Divided Mind.” The paper examines the divide between republicans and democrats in America today, and at its core is essentially a statist’ plea for rational people to compromise with the statists’ desire to control them.

In its overview section, the authors state:

Toxic polarization [between republicans and democrats], like violent sectarianism in many parts of the globe, distorts our view of reality. This leads people to underestimate what they have in common and creates a vision of the world that is defined by a destructive “Us vs. Them” mentality. Our results suggest that the United States is now facing toxic polarization.“Polarization” is an anti-concept An anti-concept is an attempt to distort reality in such a way that a legitimate concept is rendered absurd.  When social scientists refer to something as polarizing, they are immediately concluding that any position on either side is wrong, and in turn render both concepts beyond consideration.

Herein lies what the authors of America’s Divided Mind decidedly did; they took the legitimate concept of a person of principle, for whom is not willing to compromise his or her highest values, their morality, as being someone so extreme their views should not be considered.  The authors of the report place value on one’s ability to compromise his or her morals, not the legitimacy of a person’s disposition and the morals themselves.

The belief that every human on the planet owns his or her own life is not an extreme position, it is a wholly rational, therefore moral, doctrine.  Any deviation (i.e. compromise) from such a position is immoral because any deviation away from individualism is a step closer toward slavery.

This is not polarizing, nor is it up for compromise.

There are two core problems with this report.

First, the report assumes the divide is between republicans and democrats, which is a straw man.

The divide is between the collectivists (the Establishment) and individualists.  ‘Republican’ and ‘Democrat’ are arbitrary terms to keep us divided over the whim du jour.  Collectivists, to varying degrees, comprise of all democrats and most republicans.  Individualists are the silent majority (hopefully still) too busy working nearly half the year to pay their taxes.

Second, the report does not genuinely address WHY there is a divide.

There is a divide in America and it is getting wider by the day because collectivist want to impose their will upon the individualist, which is unquestionably dehumanizing and deserving of disdain or even hate, depending upon how far the collectivists are willing to impose their will upon others.

THIS is why we have toxicity today among people all throughout the nation.

The toxin infecting America are the statists willing to do anything to control the rest of America.  The individualists are the antidote to the toxin.  A cancer needs to be cut out of the body, an extreme action to address an extreme toxin.  The scalpel is not a polarizing factor, it is the necessary element to remove the cancer.  Anything less is death.

And like any cancer, the longer America waits and compromises, the more the cancer will spread.  What we are seeing today is the result of generations of compromise coming to a head.  We no longer have the luxury of time.

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