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A bombshell revelation: Unrestrained immigration, the minimum wage, and the political Left’s poisonous goal for American workers

Image from wikimedia.orgA politically imposed minimum wage¹ is considered by all democrats and many republicans to be an effort to improve the earning potential of less skilled workers. If this was true, is it not contradictory that those who support such government intrusion into employment agreements also support a massive influx of low-skilled workers who will unquestionably be hired, trained, and employed far below the minimum wage they supposedly support?

If such people were truly concerned that low skilled workers were not making a living wage, why would they at the same time welcome and enable those who will willfully and predominantly fill these jobs at a much lower rate?

Although these questions appear puzzling, when one understands the real intent of this politically motivated effort, the answer is quite clear.

Although the masses of people who support the minimum wage are either too lazy to do much more than parrot talking points or too unintelligent to think otherwise, the vast majority of politicians know exactly what they are doing and their true goal is shocking:
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