image by Michael Mandiberg of flickr

The call to every American to engage in peaceful resistance: Civil disobedience is America’s last, best hope

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

To anyone paying attention and possesses the type of courage our forefathers possessed at our country’s inception, they know the time is now to peacefully retake our country.  After this opportunity passes, a peaceful option may never return, and the enemies of America win.

Many governors are claiming to reopen their economies while keeping a stranglehold on private businesses’ ability to operate, and using the COVID-19 pandemic to vastly expand the surveillance state while continuing to treat American citizens like children.  This “emergency” that has lasted months is becoming more an excuse by tyrants to impose their will upon everyone rather than a public health concern.

Emergencies do not have marginally more of an effect on a population than something such as the flu, and they do not last for months.

Across the country, we are facing governors who clearly adore their newfound dictatorial powers.  For the first time we are being ruled by a handful of power-hungry politicians openly and without constraint.  Voluntary interaction has almost completely stopped, and those who have done nothing wrong are being treated like criminals and caged like animals. Read more